Monday, June 23, 2008

My First Post

Well I am certain not many people will read this first post (for now at least), but I decided to try out blogging a little. I cook and bake a lot and am quite good at it and I am also an engineer. I happen to be the nerdiest kind, a computer engineer. I read a number of other peoples' blogs and figured I could do that and at the same time make my other engineers looks slightly less inept in the kitchen. So, with some luck and work I will attempt to turn this blog into a regular part of my life and post the recipes I make and maybe some nice pictures for you to read and inspire you to get into the kitchen on these hot summer days.

Please remember I am an engineer and my hands like to type different words than are in my head and so you might notice the occasional blip in the grammar and wording. Luckily I am a fan of good grammar and spelling and such and so I don't mind if you pick my wording apart or find my goofy mistakes.


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