Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Long pause is over

Well, after two weeks away from work (and too little cooking in my opinion) I am back to posting. I will be putting up photos of my curry which turned out ok, but because my wife decided she would like some (she usually doesn't want any of the curry) I had to omit the hot stuff since she is allergic to hot peppers. I also decided to try a fish version since I have never done it with fish and I thought it might be a good use for the mediocre fish we get here. Sadly, the fish still tasted...fishy. The curry was definitely better the next day, but it still didn't have the same flavour as the ones I have made in the past.

I forewarn now that the pictures are not great, because my wife's camera was dead and so I did all photos on my phone and obviously that isn't about to produce a great picture.

On a very happy note though I did manage to convince my wife to allow me to buy the camera I have been yearning for for about 3 years now. I bought myself a Canon Digital Rebel XT, which I have absolutely fallen in love with and have shot about 500 pictures with so far. I have some very cute pictures of our puppies that I will be unable to resist posting later on tonight when I download all the pictures off the memory card.

So, here is hoping my evening doesn't get sidetracked with household duties and I am able to work on my blog more.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that I made some more stuff during my time off and will be posting those pictures and recipes as well.


PS: I have decided to commit much more of my time away from cooking and toward baking as I have recently decided I would like to become a baker in some respect (working for myself obviously) and so I will be doing much more of that.

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